Pop-up shows are abundant these days and small venues everywhere use their extra spaces to provide artists with a place to show work. These shows usually last only a few days but sometimes there are nice surprises to be found. Resonant City happened to come across Crystal Gregory’s weekend-long installation last month in Brooklyn at… Read More

  Book for Architects is a dual-channel projection by Wolfgang Tillmans. It is located within the central pavilion at the Venice Biennale. The piece is tucked away down a dark hallway and diagonal from the entrance hall with a secondary entry located behind within the Elements of Architecture. It is easy to miss but well… Read More

The 14th Venice Architecture Biennale is now one month into its extended six-month run. Rem Koolhaas of the Office of Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) is its curator and with his appointment came two demands, a longer preparation (2 years) and exhibition run (6 months).  Koolhaas chose the title, Fundamentals, implying a return or realignment towards a… Read More

http://www.resonantcity.net/rc/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/rc-header_6jpg-01.jpg Bryan McGovern Wilson is a multi-disciplinary artist, whose interlocking long-term projects engage with questions of time, transformation, and the human/nonhuman relationship. Resonant City: Thanks for talking with us today. Your projects the Great American Python, Cumbrian Alchemy, and Atomic Priesthood share a lot of overlapping themes. You were trained as a glassblower, right? How… Read More

Lebbeus Woods passed away two Novembers ago. He was loved and respected by other architects and by the generations of students he taught at Cooper Union. He was also a rogue figure, drawn more to meditative explorations of the human condition and futuristic scenarios then to building in any button-up, doing business kind of sense.… Read More

The New York Historical Society has a large museum just south of the Natural History Museum on W.78th Street. At the entrance to the museum, there is a sculpture by artist Fred Wilson titled Liberty/Liberté (2011). This brilliant archival assemblage of historical objects was culled from the NYHS collection and addresses the legacy of slavery… Read More

Edward Burtynsky is a large format landscape photographer known for his beautiful, often sublime, photographs of the altered landscape. His photographs are saturated and depict different landscapes that result from extracting natural resources and now, water. His new film Watermark, co-directed with Jennifer Baichwal, follows his obsession with water usage over ten countries. This is… Read More

In January, Rizzoli Books announced that it would be closing its store on West 57th Street. By the time April rolled around the closure felt sudden. On April 11th, 2014, approved the final day, the store was packed with people, significantly busier and louder than usual. It was filled with curiosity seekers and discount scavengers… Read More

Lebbeus Woods was a singular figure in architecture. He was an outsider, yet quietly influential to architectural thinking over the past three decades. He was a humanist, a deconstructionist, a utopian, a critical thinker, and often misunderstood. Lebbeus asked radical questions of architecture, questions that Architecture as a discipline was hardly capable of answering. His… Read More