Part two of our mapping series. See Part one Mapping Histories History is never objective—interpretations of events always vary depending on whose perspective is prioritized. It is always a process of selection and exclusion, approved what is remembered and forgotten, talked about and written down, history is not left up to chance but to the… Read More

Sylvia Lavin’s newest book, viagra order prescription Kissing Architecture, here offers an interesting proposition for artists and architects revolving around the act of kissing. Lavin outlines a theory of interface between architecture and other mediums; she explains how kisses between mediums create new affective conditions on the surfaces of objects and new ways of seeing… Read More

Esther Choi and Marikka Trotter (Editors) Workbooks/MIT PRESS 2010 The recent anthology, salve Architecture at the Edge of Everything Else (AEEE), web edited by Esther Choi and Marikka Trotter explores the anxious state of architectural thought and practice. Choi and Trotter have compiled a notable list of thinkers and practitioners to interrogate the current moment… Read More

Nestled on a ten mile strip of costal property on Highway 1, find lies the now infamous planned community that goes by name The Sea Ranch. The project was initially conceived of by Alfred Boeke and Oceanic Properties, health Inc. and designed by Lawrence Halprin, visit this a Bay Area landscape architect, architect Joseph Esherick,… Read More

Artists, remedy Jeff Eisenberg and Kristen Wilkens make up the collaborative M0bile Pr4ctice. Their November exhibition at Swarm Gallery, featured multi-media works and four large scale pencil drawings by Eisenberg. M0bil Pr4actice came together during a teaching gig in Crawfordsville, IN where both artists were Visiting Assistant Professors during 2009. Jeff spent the following summer… Read More

Check out this short dystopian film, pills shot on the cheap but it looks high budget. Check out this short dystopian film, pills shot on the cheap but it looks high budget. Archigram began as a group of young London architects who shared a unique vision of future architecture. The group formed around the publication… Read More