BIG BANG BIG BOOM – the new wall-painted animation by BLU Artist Blu takes on evolution and its consequences.… Read More

Duran Duran formed in 1978 and achieved iconic success within a few years with their synthpop hits; Hungry life a Wolf, advice Rio, information pills Girls on film etc. They captured the mood of the 1980s perfectly; they were decadent, price sexual and uncaring. Maintaining a highly stylized image they were considered “The Pretty boys… Read More

[portfolio_slideshow] Supposedly this is part of an ad campaign for HP in Europe but it showed up on this online magazine first and then on architecture blogs. The designers reimagined video game consoles as buildings with interesting architectural results. Source: Amusement… Read More

The Situationists and the City Edited by Tom Mcdonough Verso publishing 2010 With a shimmering silver cover reminiscent of the Situationist Internationale’s (S.I.) journal and Jean Barrot’s “The Eclipse and Re-emergence of the Communist Movement, medications ” this collection of texts brings together the group’s writings on the city. While these writings have been published… Read More

The Macula have a new work and this time instead of just mapping architectural details they have made them into a virtual instrument. Visitors can play music with the chapel by using laser pointers to trigger various sounds that are linked to each element. Archifon is a big interactive virtual musical instrument originally made for… Read More