Artists, remedy Jeff Eisenberg and Kristen Wilkens make up the collaborative M0bile Pr4ctice. Their November exhibition at Swarm Gallery, featured multi-media works and four large scale pencil drawings by Eisenberg. M0bil Pr4actice came together during a teaching gig in Crawfordsville, IN where both artists were Visiting Assistant Professors during 2009. Jeff spent the following summer… Read More

Alex McLeod, troche Estates of the Splendorus and Secret at Anno Domini Bernie Lubell: Conservation of Intimacy at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art Lineas: New Modes of Contemporary Urbanism recent work by Tanya Aguiniga and Teddy Cruz at MACLA These three exhibitions are part of the arts programming for the 3rd annual 01SJ… Read More

[portfolio_slideshow] Alex McLeod creates surreal landscapes that blend the interior and exterior environment, ambulance distorting ones sense of perception. McLeod creates virtual canvases with off-the-shelf 3-D Modeling software—his tools of choice are primarily used by video game designers, dosage architects and Hollywood, information pills but McLeod brings them into a Fine Art context. He takes… Read More

[portfolio_slideshow] Supposedly this is part of an ad campaign for HP in Europe but it showed up on this online magazine first and then architecture blogs. The team reimagined video game consoles as buildings with interesting architectural results. Source: Amusement [portfolio_slideshow] Supposedly this is part of an ad campaign for HP in Europe but it… Read More