Transversing the Bay is a study of the San Francisco Bay Area that utilizes mass transit systems, malady particularly the Bay Area Rapid Transit system and local ferries. By framing the movements of people and the spatial and affective domains created by these systems, healing our aim was the documentation and distillation of the emotional… Read More

Sylvia Lavin’s newest book, viagra order prescription Kissing Architecture, here offers an interesting proposition for artists and architects revolving around the act of kissing. Lavin outlines a theory of interface between architecture and other mediums; she explains how kisses between mediums create new affective conditions on the surfaces of objects and new ways of seeing… Read More

The “para-” prefix indicates a beyond, and look against, search ask alongside, more about or abnormal state. SFMOMA’s ParaDesign exhibition collects objects that often seem wrong, lack obvious usability, or contain other degrees of uncertainty—carrying with it the assertion that these objects exist for themselves as narrative devices or as critiques of design objectives. Though… Read More

Esther Choi and Marikka Trotter (Editors) Workbooks/MIT PRESS 2010 The recent anthology, salve Architecture at the Edge of Everything Else (AEEE), web edited by Esther Choi and Marikka Trotter explores the anxious state of architectural thought and practice. Choi and Trotter have compiled a notable list of thinkers and practitioners to interrogate the current moment… Read More

We didn’t cross the border, information pills The border crossed us! -old chicano proverb China Mieville’s The City and The City superimposes ambitious spatial and political ideas onto a plot that pays homage to classic detective stories like those of Raymond Chandler. His book is set in a fictional eastern European city, this a binary,… Read More

The Situationists and the City Edited by Tom Mcdonough Verso publishing 2010 With a shimmering silver cover reminiscent of the Situationist Internationale’s (S.I.) journal and Jean Barrot’s “The Eclipse and Re-emergence of the Communist Movement, medications ” this collection of texts brings together the group’s writings on the city. While these writings have been published… Read More