Pop-up shows are abundant these days and small venues everywhere use their extra spaces to provide artists with a place to show work. These shows usually last only a few days but sometimes there are nice surprises to be found. Resonant City happened to come across Crystal Gregory’s weekend-long installation last month in Brooklyn at… Read More

Claire Fontaine, story “Sell Your Debt” (2013) at Queen’s Nails Claire Fontaine (CF) is a Paris-based collective artist. They named themselves after a popular French stationary company, approved and began to rise in the art world in the mid-2000s. The artists behind CF are associated with the French journal Tiqqun, which published some of the… Read More

Part two of our mapping series. See Part one Mapping Histories History is never objective—interpretations of events always vary depending on whose perspective is prioritized. It is always a process of selection and exclusion, prostate buy more about what is remembered and forgotten, buy more about talked about and written down, history is not left… Read More

Transversing the Bay is a study of the San Francisco Bay Area that utilizes mass transit systems, malady particularly the Bay Area Rapid Transit system and local ferries. By framing the movements of people and the spatial and affective domains created by these systems, healing our aim was the documentation and distillation of the emotional… Read More

Sylvia Lavin’s newest book, no rx Kissing Architecture, unhealthy offers an interesting proposition for artists and architects revolving around the act of kissing. Lavin outlines a theory of interface between architecture and other mediums; she explains how kisses between mediums create new affective conditions on the surfaces of objects and new ways of seeing or… Read More

In the era of hyper-immediacy, discount geology can be a difficult for the human subject to understand. Dreamlike and ancient landscapes exist as remnants of inconceivable time. Tectonics and alluvial processes occur over millennia, see outside of the human timescale. Leslie Shows’ strong attachment to geology finds its way into all of her works. Her… Read More

Walking into a recently opened storefront next to a high end clothing store, decease on a particularly hip part of Valencia street, pilule one hardly knows what to expect. The front is plain and blacked out except for the neon pink, page Scanners decal on the window. Inside is a bookstore with a ragtag collection… Read More

Better a Live Ass than a Dead Lion, unhealthy cost Eli Ridgway’s current exhibition tackles the myriad encounters between human and landscape, tadalafil telling stories of adventure, memory, and failure through a variety of mediums. As always the work is subtle and earthy, qualities which often feature at Eli Ridgway Gallery whose curatorial tastes lean… Read More

The “para-” prefix indicates a beyond, and look against, search ask alongside, more about or abnormal state. SFMOMA’s ParaDesign exhibition collects objects that often seem wrong, lack obvious usability, or contain other degrees of uncertainty—carrying with it the assertion that these objects exist for themselves as narrative devices or as critiques of design objectives. Though… Read More

Environmental Health Clinic & Sentient City The Environmental Health Clinic + Lab (X-clinic) is an interdisciplinary, more about stuff experimental, price community-based project with institutional backing from New York University. It is directed by Natalie Jeremijenko, an artist, educator, and scientist who for over two decades has brought together disparate disciplines with a particular sense… Read More